As a team member of Advex, we take pride in what we do. Our skilled craftspeople manufacture parts used all over the globe in heavy industrial and defense industry applications of critical importance.  To share Our Story, we’ve asked a few Team Members to tell you a little about a typical day in their life at Advex.  Our hope is that in hearing their stories you can begin to understand who we are and what it might be like to be a part of the Advex Team. 

Marine and Industrial Department

Machine Shop

Heavy Fabrication

Light Fabrication


Admin Dept.

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What is a Realistic Job Preview?

This Realistic Job Preview, or RJP, is our way of showing you enough about Us to make the decision if we are the right place for you to call home.  You will hear testimonials from Advex Team Members about what they love about the work, and some of the challenges here that may influence your decision to move forward with our process. This preview will also cover:

  • The rewards and benefits of joining Our Team
  • We’ll ask you to share a little information about your interests as we start this journey, together.